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Why Wear Makeup?

Makeup is amazing, but there are so many misconceptions about why women and even men use it. Some people see makeup as a disguise. As something that people use to trick others into thinking that they are more attractive than they actually are. But this is not true at all. Makeup is a great way to enhance the beauty that everyone already has. It's a great way to build confidence. Most importantly it's a great way to have fun.

If you find that you are wearing makeup because you don't like the way you look. It may be a good idea to go without it for a while until you build confidence in the way you look naturally. Once you have confidence in yourself makeup is a perfect way to express it. Wear makeup for yourself and not to impress others. There are days when I put on a full face of makeup and feel beautiful even when I know that I won't be seeing anyone else for the day. It's fun!

Makeup is also a great way of expressing yourself. Different makeup looks can show off the different aspects of your personality and personal style. Not everyone wears their makeup the exact same way, and that's because everyone has different preferences and personalities. Maybe one day you're feeling extra glam rock and you want to wear a sparkly smokey eye, go for it! Or perhaps you prefer a classic, modest look and that's great too!

What Are Some Important Things That Every Makeup Lover Needs?

There are certain tools that are absolutely essential for a makeup lover to have. Of course the choice on what to buy is yours alone, but having the most essential tools will really help you achieve a perfect look.

The Makeup Basics

If you're going to complete a full face look you should have




Lip Product



Eye Liner

With these essential pieces of makeup you'll be able to smooth out your complexion and hide blemishes. Setting the makeup and adding a bit of pop to the eye is really important as well. I left out eyeshadow because while I do think it's really great, it's not always necessary and you can create a really beautiful look without it.

The Tools

You can put all your makeup on with your fingers, but if you really want to get a great look going, you're better off using some great makeup tools. You should have

Makeup brushes such as a foundation brush, concealer brush, shadow brushes, blenders, large fluffy brushes for applying powder and blusher.

An eyelash curler

Makeup brushes are really important and some choose to skip out on buying them all together because they're not entirely sure why they need brushes to put makeup on the face. However brushes will really help you achieve a more finished and professional look. For information on which makeup brushes to buy visit

With all of these items on hand you will be able to achieve so many different looks. These are only the essentials and there is so much more to explore as you become more familiar with makeup and more open to experimenting with different things.

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